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January 1987 Toden System Co.,Ltd. established,capitalized at 10 million yen. Areas of activity: computer software design,production,sales,and consulting.
August 1990 Capitalization increased to 40 million yen.
March 1994 With capital participation and management cooperation from THK CO.,LTD. and CKD Corporation,company begins sales of machine parts and various types of energy-saving parts.
October 1994 Company name changed to Talk System Co.,Ltd. Capital investment from Daito Seiki Co.,Ltd.
May 1996 Capitalization increased to 140 million yen.
September 1997 Capitalization increased to 480 million yen.
November 1999 Capitalization adjusted to 400 million yen.
December 2002 Yamagata Sales Office opened.
December 2003 Iwaki and Kyushu sales offices opened.
April 2004 Nishi-Tokyo Sales Office opened.
April 2005 Hamamatsu Sales Office opened.
December 2005 Gunma Sales Office opened.
October 2006 Keiji Sales Office opened.
June 2007 TPS (Talk Partner's Store) business started.
November 2007 ISO 14001:2004 certification obtained (Canceled certification in November,2017)
April 2008 Tokyo Sales Office opened.
February 2010 ISO9001:2008 certification obtained (TPS Division limited from February,2015)
March 2011 Kitakanto Branch opened. Saitama and Utsunomiya Sales Offices integrated into Kitakanto Branch.
June 2011 Gunma Sales Office integrated into Kitakanto Branch.
September 2011 Osaka Sales Office renamed Osaka Branch,and Keiji Sales Office integrated into Osaka Branch.
November 2011 Keihin Sales Office renamed Minamikanto Branch,and Shizuoka Sales Office integrated into Minamikanto Branch.
January 2012 Hamamatsu Sales Office relocated to Matsushiro-cho,Naka-ku,Hamamatsu City.
April 2013 Tokyo Sales Office renamed Tokyo Branch,and Sendai Sales Office renamed Sendai Branch. Yamagata Sales Office relocated to Tendo City,Yamagata Prefecture.
October 2013 Reorganized (Sales Support Dept. newly established).
July 2014 Reorganized (Sales Administrative Div.,Product Administrative Div. and Business Innovation and Reform Div. newly established).
January 2015 Osaka Branch and Hiroshima Office relocated to Hijiyama-cho,Minami-ku,Hiroshima City.
April 2015 Takasaki Sales Office opened in Takasaki City,Gunma Prefecture. Suwa Sales Office opened in Suwa City,Nagano Prefecture.
July 2015 Tokyo Branch relocated to Asakusabashi,Taito-ku,Tokyo. Higashi-Nihon Distribution Center relocated to Toyofuta,Kashiwa City,Chiba Prefecture.
August 2015 Talk System Head Office relocated to Higashi-nippori,Arakawa-ku,Tokyo.
September 2016 Akita Office opened in Akita City,Akita Prefecture.
November 2016 Mikawa Office opened in Okazaki City,Aichi Prefecture.
October 2017 Talk System Head Office relocated to Shibaura,Minatok-ku,Tokyo.
November 2017 Sapporo Office opened in Kita Article 22 east,Higashi-ku,Sapporo City,Hokkaido Prefecture.
October 2018 Sendai Branch relocated to Rokuchonomenishimachi Wakabayashi-ku,Sendai City,Miyagi Prefecture.
February 2019 Iwaki Sales Office integrated into Sendai Branch,Iwaki Sales Office renamed Iwaki Office.
April 2019 Reorganized (Project Section newly established).
July 2019 Kyushu Sales Office relocated to Kitakata,Kokuraminami-ku,Kitakyusyu City,Kyushu Prefecture.
October 2019 Mikawa Office relocated to Takara,Chiryu City,Aichi Prefecture.
November 2020 Yamagata Sales Office relocated to Kawarago,Oaza,Tendo City,Yamagata Prefecture.
October 2021 Akita Office relocated to Nakadori,Akita City,Akita Prefecture.
April 2022 Reorganized (Business Innovation and Reform Div.abolished.Operation Department newly established). Osaka Branch and Hiroshima Office renamed Hiroshima Sales Office.
February 2023 Suwa Office relocated to Okitamachi,Suwa City,Nagano Prefecture.
April 2023 Nishitokyo Office relocated to Higashicho,Fussa City,Tokyo Prefecture.
March 2024 Nagaoka Office relocated to Misawa,Nagaoka City,Niigata Prefecture.
May 2024 Reorganized (Sales Engineering Section newly established) Product Administrativive Div renamed Product Department.
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