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Transition of Business Performance

With a moto of “Becoming a Trusted and Beloved Company That Provides Our Utmost Service to Many Customers,” our company has worked on sales activities while focusing on “community-based approach,” “strengthening of our earning capacity,” “improvement of our offering and contribution capabilities,” and “discovery of new needs.” However, due to our corona virus countermeasures such as a voluntary ban on visit sales and cancellation of private shows intended to comply with the government’s measures to prevent the infection from spreading, we have been unable to conduct sales activities in a satisfactory manner.

As a result, our sales for the current term were 11.88 billion yen (13.387 billion yen for the same term of the previous year), and the operating loss was 98 million yen despite our efforts to reduce the selling, general and administrative expenses.

We will seek to strengthen our earning capacity through efforts to discover new needs and further improve the operating efficiency.

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