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Transition of Business Performance

In the midst of the current circumstances, our company has faced a situation where we have been unable to satisfactorily conduct our sales activities due to factors such as refraining from sales calls and suspending private shows owing to the measures to prevent COVID-19 infection from spreading.

In spite of such a situation, we have sought to recover our business performance by working to supply our products and provide our services with a moto of "Becoming a Trusted and Beloved Company That Provides Our Utmost Service to Many Customers."

As a result of these efforts, our sales for the current term were 13,936.96 million yen (11,880.84 million yen in the same term a year earlier), operating profit 139.77 million yen (operating loss 98.26 million yen in the same term a year earlier), and ordinary profit 15.083 million yen (ordinary loss 95.51 million yen in the same term a year earlier).

For fiscal 2022, we will further strengthen our earning capacity by creating new demand, and working on further improvement of the operating efficiency.

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